Brendon Shaw - Realtor

Buying or Selling a home in most cases is an individual or family's biggest investment throughout their life. As a trusted advisor for my clients, I understand how complex and personal the process can be and take that into account with every client I meet. I became a realtor to educate and advise on every step of the buying and selling process. My role to my clients is to research, educate, advise, and negotiate to allow my clients to feel confident in their decision throughout the process and well into the future!

I joined Simply Better Realty for several reasons. I wanted to join a brokerage that truly values their agents and gives them every opportunity to succeed. SBR is a brokerage that invests heavily in the resources needed to put an agent on a track to success. Between the Founders and Management, I felt Simply Better is the best option to set not only myself up for success but allow my clients to be set up for success and be well protected.

I have been involved in real estate well before becoming an agent. Dating back to college, I was lucky enough to have real estate offered as a major focus of study. Since then, I have been extremely fascinated and intrigued with what real estate can do for individuals beyond just being a home. I've invested in real estate, managed properties, and connected with individuals and companies from every avenue of real estate and real estate investing. If you are curious or interested in investing, reach out and I would be happy to share my Real Estate Pro Forma and talk about my experience with it!


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